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Hello! Recently, I’ve been working on a new and innovative way to work with two of the sponsors of my A Perfect Time To Craft Open Challenge blog and my Facebook group, Cardmaking Tutorials, Support and Inspiration. I’ve been playing around with graphics kits from The Hungry Jpeg to create a few cards. Instead of just printing and making them into some quick cards for myself, I’ve gone further and created downloadable printout pages, making them available for everyone on the Craftsüprint website.

For this three card set, I used the flowers from the Blooming Mystery Watercolor Graphics Set. If you would like to create your own designs using these stunning elements, you can grab the set from The Hungry Jpeg website or, if you prefer, you can get copies of my card kits here, on the Craftsüprint website, so you make these cards yourself. Each digital set comes with a fully detailed instruction sheet and I’ve even made a three card kit bundle, where you can get all three designs at 20% off the individual card price.

I love making digital cards because they give any card making enthusiast a great looking, quick make for anyone special. My kits, in particular, have been designed with a beginner in mind. I’ve made sure there’s no overly difficult cutting that will challenge a newbie and, with just a few economical supplies, any of these three cards can be printed and assembled in next to no time at all.

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These cards take only a little over an hour to complete and you get exactly the same result as I’ve shown here. Even better, you can add any one of the six tags, for the event it’s required for, be it Mother’s Day or a birthday, a general best wishes or even a sympathy card. They also have a decorative full color insert that you can add to the inside of your card for a classy finish.

I have also created a short slideshow tutorial on how to put these kits together, just so you can see how little effort is required to make one of these beauties and I promise you will get the same great results that I did.

A Few Extra Tips and suggestions on assembling these kits:

● Start by cutting each element on the layers page out roughly, making sure to cut between each piece without cutting other elements as you go. This makes each piece much more manageable and makes fussy cutting much easier. Trying to cut one small piece from the full page printout can damage other parts of your page and it can get downright frustrating trying to manage the whole page as you cut.

●When fussy cutting, always move your paper, not the scissors. You will have much more control over where you place your blades that way.

●Rather than cutting into a valley cut and then out the other side, cut inwards from both sides. While it may be a little more difficult to see the cutting line, it will prevent your card from getting damaged as you turn your scissors to go in the opposite direction.

●I left my cards plain, to show you what the downloads actually make but I encourage you to add some bling. A few strategically placed sequins, pearls, gems or some glittery additions using a glittery gel pen would look fantastic. You could even rule a glittery line around the borders and add a bow below the tag.

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● I also want to quickly talk about scissors. I’ve used decoupage on my cards since I first started carding over 15 years ago. I was forever buying new scissors because the fine tip pairs that were available in the shops were blunting quickly or their tips would snap off. I was replacing them every 12 months or so and it was costing me a small fortune to replace them.

Tim Holtz brought out a micro tip pair of scissors a number of years ago and it has been the last pair I’ve had to buy. They have fine enough points to get into the smallest of areas that may need cutting. The have a serrated edge that remains sharp and the handles are soft and comfortable, especially for arthritic hands. Honestly, they are not the cheapest pair available but, considering it was costing me so much to replace the others on a regular basis, the Tim Holtz pair of scissors have actually saved me money, and effort, over the time I’ve owned my pair. In short, I guess I’m saying that buying quality once will save you money and improve your cutting success rate because once you’re used to your scissors, you tend to become better at fussy cutting.

●Finally, when you you use scissors to cut foam tape it’s inevitable that some of the adhesive will stick to the scissors’ blades. To stop this from happening, simply wipe the clean blades of your scissors across the top of a Versamark ink pad, on both sides of the blades, and buff off the excess with a dry cloth. Each time the glue starts to stick to the blades again, just give them another wipe of Versamark ink. This will keep your scissors truly nonstick for life!

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I would really love to see what you create with these kits and I can’t wait to see how you embellish them to make the designs your own. You could show off your version of these kits by entering them into my challenge blog, any time. I really would just love to see how you adapt these lovely designs, it will give me inspiration when creating my next kit.

I hope you are able to support my unique way of showcasing Craftsüprint and The Hungry Jpeg and I hope you like my designs enough to try them out for yourself. I’ll be making some more digital designs and kits in the near future, for children as well as for men, using more of the sponsors’ images. You will be able to see them all here, on this Craftsüprint webpage.

I would also love to hear what you think of my concept to share my designs and how easy you found them to work with. I will always be here, on this Craftsüprint webpage or in my Facebook group, Cardmaking Tutorials, Support and Inspiration, ready to answer any extra questions you may have about putting these kits together.

Thanks so much for spending time with me today, I look forward to next time! 😊

(Any affiliate links used in my posts are always at no cost to you.)


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