One Layer Stenciling 

Hello! I have an upcoming 25th birthday in my family and I wanted to create something really unique. I didn't have anything particular in mind so I decided to let the challenges available dictate the card's direction. Cas-ual Fridays have a Tic Tac Toe challenge. I have never attempted one of these before. Choosing which … Continue reading One Layer Stenciling 


Big Hugs

Hello! I've been dying to have a play around with plaid building stamps to create rainbow backgrounds and this week I've finally had the chance, and the inspiration. Winnie & Walter currently have two challenges, W&W Rerun #20 focuses on their scenery stripes stamp set and the W&W June Color Challenge focuses on using several bright colours. While I don't own … Continue reading Big Hugs

Pencil Colouring, Using Vaseline

Hello! I recently made a card where I blended economy coloured pencils using baby oil. I was asked what other oils could be used instead and I made the comment that Vaseline petroleum jelly would also work as a blender. I prefer to use Vaseline to blend cheaper pencils, so I thought I would make a piece to … Continue reading Pencil Colouring, Using Vaseline

One Layer Wonder with a Stamp Masking Secret 

Hello, I'm never really comfortable making a one layer card. It only takes one mistake and the whole card is ruined. That thought always makes me nervous and, because I'm nervous, I know in more likely to make that one mistake. This week Cas-ual Fridays Challenge gave me the drive to attempt a one layer card and … Continue reading One Layer Wonder with a Stamp Masking Secret