Hello! Today I’m sharing my latest card in my Personal Christmas Card Challenge, a challenge to see how many different ways I can use a seasonal looking background to create my Christmas cards.

This is also my inspiration for the final Creative Fingers Challenge of 2021. Tindaloo is our sponsor for this final challenge but, sadly, I just didn’t get time to use one more of her images. As much as I tried, the Christmas deadline is just coming up way too quickly. Please stop by the Tindaloo site to see some of the awesome images I missed out on using for this challenge.

As with all the other cards in my challenge I used the Time For Tea Designs Nordic Star Slimline Die in my design but this time I used it as a backdrop for a slimline frame. The silver frame was cut from mirror board, using Studio Light’s Essentials #32 (SKU: SL-ES-CD32) slimline frame die. The outer die alone was sightly larger than the Nordic Star die at the widest point so I used both the outer frame die while it was still connected to cut the two frame pieces. Adding the extra frame piece fixed the discrepancy and I think it still looked fine.

To assemble the frame, I added the white Nordic Star Slimline Die cut to the back of the outermost silver frame with liquid PVA and allowed it to dry. I then trimmed the excess areas of the Nordic Star die cut from around the frame with a pair of scissors and added drops of Ranger Multi Medium Matte Adhesive along the inner edge of the frame and placed the extra piece into place.

A quick tip when using wet glues with mirror board: Any glue that seeps out and gets on the silver mirror board is easily cleaned off with a dry facial tissue and a quick rub. It lifts off the plastic coating easily when it’s touch dry but not fully set. Don’t try to wipe it while the glue is still very wet because it will smear all over the surface. If it is set, a firmer rub should still lift it off cleanly. If that fails, just lightly dampen the tissue (I use a single spray of my spray bottle filled water) and rub gently. Just don’t use finger nails to try and scratch it off, that will irreparably mark and damage the mirror surface. I’ve found a facial tissues better than a baby wipe because has enough texture to lift the glue but is soft enough not to scratch. I’ve tried a baby wipe and found it leaves streak marks on the mirror finish that still requires buffing off with a dry tissue anyway. I actually keep a box of cheap facial tissues in my craft room and find I use them more than I do baby wipes.

After gluing the frame directly to an 8.25″×4″ card base I die cut two candles, using Dee’s Distinctively Dies Classic candles set (IME192). I also cut a set of poinsettia petals, using Dee’s Distinctively Dies Mini Poinsettia die (DEE-156) all from silver mirror board. I glued all the parts together and set them aside to dry while I created a simple label for the sentiment. I used a nesting label die set to cut the back layer from silver board and the front layer from plain white card. All the pieces were glued together with drops of Ranger Multi Medium Matte Adhesive. I find this glue holds the mirror board well but it does take a few minutes to set and take hold of the glossy, plastic surface.

I arranged all the assembled die cut elements onto the card and, once I was happy with them, I glued them all into place with more Matte Adhesive. I finished the card off with a peel off sentiment because its glossy finish matches best with the silver mirror board, something that regular heat embossing just can’t do. I just prefer all my elements to match when it comes to their high gloss and reflective finish.

To see the earlier card made for my Personal Christmas Card Challenge, made with this background die, please click on the image below. Thanks so much for spending time with me today, I look forward to next time! 😊

Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Card 4
Card 5
Card 6
Card 7
Card 8
Card 9

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