Hello! For the start of another Creative Fingers Challenge, I wanted to again share a quick way of digitally making cards. This technique speeds up the process by digitally layering the card front so that it’s ready to just color.

To create a card this way, you first need a digital image, either a digi stamp or an image you’ve scanned into the computer yourself. For this card, I used Le Ann’s World 101’s Flora. I opened it in my photo editing software and made sure I removed all the white background with the eraser tool. I wanted more flowers around the outer edge of the image so I cropped the flowers in bottom left corner from the image and saved it as a separate file. I then opened the original Flora image again and overlaid the flowers several times around the edge, rotating them along the way to give a unique look to each of the extra clusters. I finished off by merging all the layers to create a single image and saving it, again, as a separate file.

The next step was to choose a background paper to add my newly created Flora image to. I loved the colors in Harper Finch’s Sprinkles digital patterned papers and I chose the plaid from that set. I overlaid the Flora image and cropped the layers to 5″×7″, ready for printing at that size. I saved the file as a jpeg but, before closing the file, I sampled the colors in the plaid paper, recording their RGB numbers to use in my free Avery Design and Print Software.

To finalize my digital work on this card front, I loaded the “Flora with the background image” into a 5″×7″ template in the Avery program and added a teal border to the image. I did this by manually entering the RGB numbers into the Avery program’s color selector. This way, the color matched the background plaid perfectly. I also created two solid color rectangle boxes and added the RGB parameters of the pink and the green into color selection section in the Avery program. I colored the boxes and sent them to the back of the Flora image so only the outer edges were visible. These boxes then became solid borders to the main image. I made both boxes 1cm larger than the layer before it so the visible parts of these boxes would appear as an even width border around the main Flora compilation. After saving the Design and Print file, I printed this arrangement onto XPress-it blending card.

It was now time for the handmade portion of the card. I colored the flowers and Flora with Chameleon Pens and Pencils. I really love how easily these sets work together, it speeds up the coloring process considerably. Once I was happy with the coloring, I added some shimmer with a clear Sakura Gelly Roll Glitter pen to the centre of the flowers, the crystals in the wand and the bells in Flora’s hair. To break the plain printed edges, I ruled a thin line around the three border colors with the Sakura Glitter pen as well, giving all regions of the card a true handmade look.

I finished off the card by trimming the whole piece down to 5″×7″, gluing it directly to a card base of the same size and I also added a small, gold Peel off sticker sentiment to the bottom corner. So quick and easy!

I hope this inspires you to give a digital creation a try. Thanks so much for spending time with me today. I look forward to next time…😊


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