Hello again! Does this card look familiar? I’ve done a little tweaking to my design and reworked the card.

As I said, in my last post, I had taken inspiration from AAA Cards CAS game #94 and Less Is More Challenge #336-337 to make this card. Little did I know that a simple peel off sticker was considered a layer. I was so disappointed in myself, how could I have made such a rookie mistake? After all the work I’d put into this challenge, I had ruined my entry with the bling.

To correct this, and re-enter these two challenges, I simply removed the peel off stickers. The beauty of these stickers is how well they lift off when you decide they’re not positioned correctly, or, in this case, shouldn’t be positioned at all!

I had toyed with another idea when putting the peel offs onto the card. I tossed up whether I should just draw a white border around this card but second guessed myself and went with the gold peel offs. I took my setback as a sign that maybe that my initial idea would have looked better all along.

I drew a double border with my Sakura Gelly Roll White pen and a ruler. A little tip when using a gel pen and a ruler, flip the ruler over, so the bevelled edge is upside down and no longer touching the paper. This stops any of the gel pen seeping under the ruler and ruining your piece at the last stage. 

As I was working, I decided the border would look better with the raindrops breaking it up. The gel pen would have drawn over the drops but I think setting the border behind the droplets adds a little more interest.

I then decided to hand write a birthday sentiment in the same gel pen. I actually started my carding life as a calligrapher but never thought my work good enough for a card front. I have always reserved calligraphy for the inside of the card. In my eyes, my handwriting abilities just aren’t good enough for the front of the card as well. Now brush calligraphy is the trend and I think my pen calligraphy looks outdated. I’ve tried brush calligraphy and it’s something I just can’t master. I think that’s because I hold the pen in a way that “flicks” the down strokes.

I’m remaining positive about my layer blunder and I have to say that I think I prefer the white border and sentiment now it’s done. I’m left feeling a little silly at my oversight but I’m sure I’ll never make that layer mistake again!


8 thoughts on “Reworking A Rose

  1. I really really like this. It was only ruined by the sticker because of the rules of the challenge, did I get that right? Because in my eyes and from the other comments, there isn’t a thing wrong with this beauty! I’m sorry to tell you also, no matter if we are rookie or senior, we are not perfect and all of us learn something from our mistakes. You were reminded that stickers count as more than stickers in some cases. LOL. But look at the joy this beautiful card has brought to so many. That’s no mistake. Thanks for sharing it and the story with it. It’s a good reminder that we are all human. I learned about using GellyRoll pens to do a border. I never would have thought if it, but I put borders around a lot of things in my journals. Thanks again for sharing.

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    1. Thanks Linda, support like yours has definitely got me through what could have been a very deflating time, confidence wise.
      All the support has given me such a boost in my confidence, art wise, that I finally feel safe to show a lot more of myself in my work.
      I’m channelling it into another piece at the moment and hope to post by the end of the week, with a free download!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Anne! I think you’ve done an amazing job of changing this, and the white lines and beautifully hand written sentiment (wow!) look stunning. Such a beautiful make, and I’m so appreciative that you took the time to alter it to better meet the guidelines – you’re a star! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Less is More 🙂

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  3. The rose is still just as gorgeous as it was before, but if I’m honest I think I prefer it with the white lines and stamping. Great job with unpeeling the peel offs! Thanks for re-playing at AAA Cards.


  4. This rose truly is gorgeous, I absolutely love your coloring. If we are being super picky here a bit fewer raindrops would be more clean and simple but your card is wonderful anyway. We like to see a spot of completely empty space in the cards in our gallery but don’t worry about it, your card is lovely and I want a coloring lesson from you! Thanks for joining us at Less Is More! I hope to see you joining us again in the next challenge!


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