Christmas Day E-Cards 

With only days to go, and, hopefully, all the Christmas cards are sent, our minds turn to the day itself. In this modern age, a message sent on the day is almost mandatory. Some of us even prefer the digital media to the traditional snail mail!

Me? I do both. I create a new piece each year to send off via email or text message on the morning, to those I won’t be seeing on the day. It’s great to let those far away know that you’re still thinking of them.

This year, I’ve saved an image from a greeting I received in video format. I’ve then adjusted the colour levels and added a greeting, all on my phone! I have Adobe’s Aviary Photo Editing App and I’ve found that, along with photo editing, it’s great to create E-Cards for all sorts of occasions.

I’ve included all the E-Card variations I’ve made to share with you as my Christmas present to you. Please feel free to download any you may want to share on Christmas Day.

May you all have a safe, loving and happy Christmas Day!


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