Endless Possibilities

When looking for a theme for a card, looking  outside the generic scrapbooking and carding areas can hold some pleasant surprises. Some of the colouring pages out there now are stunning and would look great as a card feature or background.

This feature image was from a stained glass painting book (see reference below) I had bought years ago. I used a laser printer to print it twice, once onto cardstock and once onto standard copy paper.

I coloured the birds printed on the cardstock with Chameleon alcohol markers and allowed it to dry. Any markers, or any other medium could have been used to colour the birds, as long as it gives the birds an intense colour.

I fussy cut the second printout to use as a mask and attached it to my piece with double sided repositional tape from a tape runner.

I didn’t have anything I could use as cloud border so I made myself a mask from a long scrap piece of heavy cardstock, by simply cutting one edge with irregular scallop shaped cuts.

Holding the cloud mask in place, I then used a “shaving brush” style stipple brush to tap Tumbled Glass Distress Ink along the scalloped edge of my newly cut mask. I then gave the blue more definition with Broken China Distress Ink at the very edge of the cloud mask, leaving a two toned upper edge of each cloud bank.

By starting at the top of my page and moving the cloud mask down the page at regular spaces, I was left with the lines of cloud that are defined, but subtle. Note that I continued the clouds to the very bottom of my work. This gave the illusion that the viewer is looking up into the (non-existent) tree, where you would expect the birds to be.

I finished the work with a simple backdrop of navy card and some peel off sticker lines and corners.

By using a simple image, and some basic supplies, I was able to create a very cost effective card. This also gave me the freedom to make a larger size card that really stands out when displayed. This card is just a piece of A4 cardstock folded in half.

So, it’s really good to get into the habit of seeing all images as a potential card feature. It creates endless possibilities for your carding world!
These are a couple of sites that have free stained glass painting images you may like. Check them out here and here.

Along with stained glass patterns, there are also other freebies to see on this site.

Image reference:

Taken from Bush Beauties (Collectors Edition); Jillian Sawyer; 2003;  Glass Books


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